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Sports Injuries


Treating Sports Injuries with PST

The traditional treatment for sports injuries to joints and connective tissues consists of:

Rest or rigid splinting of the affected area .
Physical therapy and exercise to bulk up the muscles around the joint to protect it.
Microcurrent stimulation and hot/cold therapy.
Over the counter or prescription antiinflammatory drugs.
Corticosteroid injections, and ultimately... surgery.

Sports injuries can occur as a result of a single event, such as the tearing of the meniscus or ligaments in the knee. Sport injuries can also occur from repetition and overuse, such as elbow injuries in tennis players, and rotator cuff injuries in baseball players.

Physical therapy and the application of hot/cold packs may relieve symptoms on a temporary basis, and medications can also help reduce pain and swelling. Arthroscopic surgery is often performed to repair tissues and/or remove bone spurs and loose bodies in the affected joint.

PST therapy is an alternative or adjunct to surgery that stimulates the body to repair damaged tissues to speed the healing process. PST has been used by many well-known athletes to stimulate growth of cartilage and ease pain associated with tissue injuries. (Read about the research)

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