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PST treatment process


Pulsed Signal Therapy treats arthritis, sports and repetitive stress injuries using a pulsed signal delivered through a non-invasive magnetic field. The treatment is administered in nine one-hour, pain-free sessions conducted under the supervision of trained physicians. The goal is to reach both short- and long-term reduction of pain, improve physical resilience and increase joint function.

Treatment is given in special PST centres that are designed to provide a comfortable, private, resort-type atmosphere. Patients living near a PST facility are treated one hour per day for a total of nine hours, with no more than two days between treatments. An expedited program of nine hours of treatment over a four-to-five day period is available to patients travelling greater distances to a PST facility.

Because the procedure is totally non-invasive, patients can wear any style of clothing. During treatment, the patient sits or lies in a specially developed chair or bed. The relevant joint is positioned in the PST device so pulsed signals can be sent to the cartilage and connective tissue. Most patients feel no pain during the treatment. Some patients may feel a slight tingling or sensation of warmth in the area being treated, while others may temporarily experience a slight increase in the normal pain they feel in the affected area. This is considered a positive reaction brought about by the reconstruction and healing occurring in the injured area, and any discomfort usually disappears quickly.

About 80% of patients receiving the treatment experience significant improvement, with reduced pain and improved joint function.

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