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I am a 29 year old woman who, before my accident, was running my own daycare out of my home and caring for my first son. I was also playing AA, provincial, co-ed and women's volleyball three times a week, plus many tournaments. After a year and a half of attending physiotherapy and receiving two cortisone injections in my back - nothing fixed me. I then had several Pulsed Signal Therapy treatments and what a complete difference. I reached a place of pain relief I never thought would happen. I am now able to do things for a longer period of time and my whole life has changed drastically for the better. I would recommend Dr. Hershler and his pain-free Pulsed Signal Therapy to anyone who has suffered like I have.

Lumbar spine injury, Motor vehicle accident.
J.G., Housewife

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident one and a half years ago. After taking several other kinds of treatment to heal my problem, I did not find much help. I was introduced to Dr. Hershler and Pulsed Signal Therapy by my family doctor after other treatments did not work. After taking the therapy, I found 60% reduction of pain in my upper back after six months. I encourage others to try this Pulsed Signal Therapy.

Compression fracture of spine (T4-thorax), Motor vehicle accident.
H.N., Computer repairman.

I believe that the Pulsed Signal Therapy treatments provided me with a genuine and lasting treatment for my pain condition. It did more than that actually, it gave me back my life. For that I am eternally grateful for P.S.T and for Dr. Hershler's continued support and encouragement during a long and painful struggle to regain my health.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI), Work related
D.R., IT Specialist

I came up here, and 2-3 months later I was back in the ring. With surgery, it would have been a year. Five months after I did the treatment, I got my first title... I thank God for PST.

Torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
Lamon Brewster. World heavyweight boxing champion.

Gayle was unable to receive massage treatments due to her intense pain and complications sustained from her motor vehicle accident. Gayle's response to your treatment of Pulsed Signal Therapy was remarkable. Although Gayle complained of fatigue, sporadic headaches and pain in the neck and shoulders particularly on the left side she was able to tolerate the pressure with the massage with no difficulty.

C-spine (soft tissue injury), Multiple motor vehicle accidents
B. H., RMT (registered massage therapist)

I visited Dr. Hershler in Vancouver from my home in College Station (Texas). After five days treatment, twice per day of one hour each, I didn't feel any particular change. However, after the treatment, my knee gradually got better. When I first visited Dr. Hershler, it was quite difficult to walk and I had a lot of pain in doing so. Gradually this reduced and now I can state that I am not taking any pain suppressors or other arthritis medicine, such as glucosamine, and my knee is such that I can walk without pain and quite naturally. I can also mount stairs in a natural way. I still have some difficulty coming down stairs, but can do it slowly while keeping a hand on the rail. I would say that I am 90% cured.

Osteoarthritis (knee)
J.O'M.B., Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Texas A&M University

I was involved in a MVA in November 2003. At the time, I was a very active person, who enjoyed Latin and ballroom dancing five days a week, walking on a regular basis, playing piano, gardening and a full time job. I had been through a number of treatments: physio, IMS, chiropractic and WCB back program for a right SI joint condition. I was taking a number of medications and muscle relaxants to relieve chronic pain, to no avail. Eventually, my stomach could no longer take the medications. I was in constant pain. I was not able to sleep, sit, stand or drive for more than 15-20 minutes. The only relief was lying flat on my back. I took PST treatments in November 2004. These not only relieved the chronic pain, but gave me a 95% recovery. I am now able to do regular dancing, walking, sitting, driving and sleep, with no problems, except when I walk at a fast pace. I believe that walking will return to full capacity through regular built-up exercise and time. These treatments for me were without doubt a worthwhile experience, bringing me back to the lifestyle I (previously) enjoyed.

Ligamentous injury - R sacro-iliac joint, vehicle accident

In 1962, the surgeon removed both torn semilunar cartilages in my left knee, restiched both medial collateral ligaments, and attempted to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament. In 1991, a surgeon scraped out what little cartilage was left. When that didn't work, he wanted to do a total knee replacement which he claimed would get me ski racing again. I refused. I later found out that scraping out cartilage results in a total knee replacement. Many years ago, the knee became so painful that I had to quit whitewater kayak slalom as I couldn't walk the 150 feet carrying a 21 lb kayak to the slalom course. I opted for Pulsed Signal Therapy for the usual nine treatments spread out over five days. Although I hear that it usually takes several weeks before one notices much improvement, I had a lot less pain within 24 to 48 hours. Shortly after the Pulsed Signal Therapy, I was back in the slalom course. A few years later, I fell and tore the anterior cruciate etc. As soon as I could get off the crutches, I had Pulsed Signal Therapy again. Although, the knee was never as good as before the fall, Pulsed Signal Therapy made a great improvement so I could walk without pain.

Cartilage and ligament injuries (knee)
M.P., Bellingham, WA

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident in January 2006. I had no sensation in the right foot after the accident. I could not lift my toes. In addition, I had severe back pain. No change with physiotherapy. I had to use a walker. I then decided to have 9 Pulsed Signal Therapy Treatments. Almost immediately after the treatment, my toes began to move, pain reduced and sensation improved. I did not have to undergo surgery. I'm now able to do light activities around the house. I'm off medication. I'm still not able to lift heavy weights.

Disc Herniation - L Spine, Motor vehicle accident (2006)
L.N., Wood Factory Worker.




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