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Personal Compact device

Pulsed Signal Therapy, or PST, is an exciting, non-invasive medical technology used to treat arthritis, sports-type injuries, and repetitive stress injuries. The technology produces an electromagnetic field through which a pulsed signal is directed to the affected area, stimulating the healing process.

What benefits do patients receive from PST treatment?

PST has been used successfully by prominent professional athletes, amateur athletes, seniors and other patients who have had their quality of life compromised by arthritis, sports-type injuries and repetitive stress injuries. It is irrelevant whether the patient is young or old or whether the defects result from age, injury, chronic degeneration or inflammatory disease. As shown through studies and the results of thousands of actual cases, approximately 80% of patients experience a reduction in pain and inflammation combined with an increase in physical function. Some patients are free of all symptoms following treatment. Others find their symptoms greatly reduced. Many patients are able to cut back on their pain medication or discontinue it altogether. Patients have reported being able to return to normal routine activities, and many are able to again participate in their favourite sports. The biggest benefit for many patients is the ability to avoid the expense, pain and inherent risks of surgery.


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