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Table of contents - PST® Scientifi c CD

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  1. DB*: A double-blind trial of the Clinical Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in OA* - Yale University School of Medicine teaching Hospital Waterbury Connecticut/USA 1991
  2. DB*: A double-blind trial of the clinical effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in OA* - Yale University School of Medicine teaching Hospital Waterbury Connecticut/USA 1991
  3. DB*: The Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Treatment of OA* of the Knee and Cervical Spine - Three trial centers: Waterbury, Danbury, Melville/ USA 1992
  4. DB*: The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of OA* of the knee and cervical spine - Three trial centers: Waterbury, Danbury, Melville/ USA 1993

5.-7. Prospective studies using extremely low frequency electromagnetic induction therapy in the treatment of patients with inflammatory and non-inflammatory arthritis - 3 Yale University Clinical Centers Yale University School of Medicine teaching Hospital/USA 1993

  1. Pulsed Signal Therapy: Treatment of chronic pain due to traumatic soft tissue injury - PST® Clinic Vancouver/Canada 1998
  2. DB*: Efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PST®) in painful knee OA*

-Cochin Hospital Paris/France 1998

  1. PST®: a proposal for a chondroprotection with physical methods - Niguarda Hospital Milan / Italy 1998
  2. Long-term results achieved by PST® -Niguarda Hospital Milan/Italy 1999
  3. The use of PST® in the treatment of arthritis of the hand - Niguarda Hospital Milan/Italy 2000
  4. The use of PST® in OA* of the knee -Niguarda Hospital/Milan 2001
  5. Preliminary results of the treatment with Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST®) of osteochondral knee injuries - Catania Univ./Italy 2001
  6. Prospective clinical verification study of PST® in Gonarthrosis, Coxarthro

Arthrosis and degenerative LWS changes -PST® Center Munich/Germany 1998

  1. Prospective multi-center study for the treatment of OA* of the knee joint (Kellgren II and III) with Pulsed Electromagnetic Signal Therapy - Ludwig Maximilian Univ. Munich/Germany 2001
  2. Permanent prospective study VITAL

-Ludwig Maximilian Univ. Munich/Germany Thru Mar 2001

  1. DB*: Efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the treatment of early OA* of the knee - Changi/Singapore 2001
  2. Pulsed Signal Therapy in degenerative arthritic pathology: our experience

-Tor Vergata Rome /Italy 2005

20. Use of Pulsed Signal Therapy for the treatment of pain and functional limitation in the context of arthritic degenerative pathology - Tor Vergata Rome/ Italy 2007

  1. The stimulation of chondrocyte metabolism by pulsed magnetic fields -North Shore Univ. Hospital/USA 1992
  2. Biochemical and morphological study of human articular chondrocytes cultivated in the presence of PST® - Siena Univ./Italy 2000
  3. Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST®) stimulates mitosis of human chondrocytes in culture - Germany 2000
  4. Effects of Pulsed Signal Therapy on 3 - dimensional chondrocyte culture

-Charité, Humboldt Univ. Berlin/Germany 2001

5. Reference list on Chondrocyte Stimulation

  1. New medical applications
  2. PEMF in the treatment of anterior disc displacement without reduction - Humboldt Univ. Berlin/Germany 1998
  3. PST® for the treatment of temporomandibular arthropathy - preliminary results of a double-blind study - Humboldt Univ. Berlin/Germany 1998
  4. Morbus Tinnitus - A pilot study - ENT Medical Center 2000

5. Long-term multi-center post-marketing surveillance study of PST® for the treatment of osteoporosis - Berlin -Munich/Germany 2004-2006


  1. PST® Studies List
  2. PST® - an overview - APLAR 2003
  3. PST® for musculoskeletal conditions -APLAR 2004
  4. PST® Status in the treatment of arthrosis
  5. PST® for bone & cartilage -Pub 2004
  6. PST® in refractory neuropathic pain -Pub 2004

7 Pain management chapter 57

  1. Database representative overview
  2. PST® Active principles
  3. Comparison PST® ethical checklist
  4. Graphics
  5. Comparison PST® to Magnetic Field Therapy
  6. Why is treating two joints simultaneously disallowed?
  7. Indications & contra-indications List
  8. Certificates
  9. PST® medical devices


  1. PST® Presentations List
  2. PST® Publications List
  3. PST® Posters
  4. Electrophysiology of the joint
  5. PST® possible mechanism of action
  6. Ion cyclotron resonance concept
  7. Phys. factors in bone remodeling
  8. Article Osteoarthritis & cartilage
  9. PST® patents


  1. Info for pet owner
  2. PST® questions & answers
  3. PST® Vet medical benefits at a glance
  4. Comparison PST® – others therapies *OA = Osteoarthritis

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